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API Paths

Show a web-based login/signup form to a user (GET) /authorization/v2/authorize OpenAPI
Initiate an OAuth2 login flow for limited input devices (POST) /authorization/v2/device OpenAPI
Create a new OAuth2 access token (POST) /authorization/v2/token OpenAPI
Revoke an existing OAuth2 access token (POST) /authorization/v2/token/revoke OpenAPI
Update the following status of the logged-in user for a particular aggregation (POST) /identity/v2/following OpenAPI
Update the logged-in user's favorite station(s) (PUT) /identity/v2/stations OpenAPI
Get the latest state information about the logged-in user (GET) /identity/v2/user OpenAPI
Copy listening data from a temporary user account to the logged-in user's account (POST) /identity/v2/user/inherit OpenAPI
Get a set of recommendations for an aggregation (GET) /listening/v2/aggregation/{aggId}/recommendations OpenAPI
Get the list of available channels (GET) /listening/v2/channels OpenAPI
Get recent ratings the logged-in user has submitted (GET) /listening/v2/history OpenAPI
Get a list of recommendations from a category of content from an organization (GET) /listening/v2/organizations/{orgId}/categories/{category}/recommendations OpenAPI
Get a variety of details about an organization including various lists of recent audio items (GET) /listening/v2/organizations/{orgId}/recommendations OpenAPI
Retrieve the most recent promo audio heard by the logged-in user (GET) /listening/v2/promo/recommendations OpenAPI
Collect new ratings for media previously recommended to the logged-in user (POST) /listening/v2/ratings OpenAPI
Get a list of media for the logged-in user from NPR's recommendation engine (GET) /listening/v2/recommendations OpenAPI
Get a list of recent audio and aggregation items associated with search terms (GET) /listening/v2/search/recommendations OpenAPI
Send a donation email to the logged-in user (only on request) (GET) /localactivation/v2/donate_email OpenAPI
Request DAAST sponsorship units (GET) /sponsorship/v2/ads OpenAPI
Record tracking data for DAAST sponsorship units (POST) /sponsorship/v2/ads OpenAPI
List stations close to you or filter by search criteria (GET) /stationfinder/v3/stations OpenAPI
Retrieve metadata for the station with the given numeric ID (GET) /stationfinder/v3/stations/{stationId} OpenAPI